Air Taxi

Air Taxi


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Some puzzle games will storm your brain and question your intelligent quotient although playing it. These games will probably be thoughts blowing as well as a particular person with an typical brain will come across it hard to succeed. Air Taxi is such a game that will glue the gamer in front with the computer. The mission from the gamer is pretty simple like any other puzzle game. You will be given an aircraft picture and also you must re arrange the shuffled pieces to a completely fledged one. But, this can be not a simple deal; a timer is equipped to monitor each and just about every movement. The presence of timer makes this game far more exciting and breath taking as you'll need to fight with your brain and time simultaneously. The controls are pretty easy. You can use the left mouse button to arrange the scattered pieces. The aircraft photographs utilized within this game are top rated notch and you will like it for positive. Altogether, this game qualifies as a decent venture and will satisfy people who loves to play puzzle games.

Date Added: 2012-08-15

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